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How it all began...

Sark Threads began through a 30 year love of weaving and knitting threads. It has been a journey through the irretrievable damaging of a lovely Kentish loom by a removal firm, much deliberation over expending on a new loom, an inspiring weaving design course and the creative atmosphere of Sark which encompasses me every day.

My weaving inspiration

I have been busy doing so many things during my life which in themselves gave inspiration, but retirement from research and office life gave me the mental space and time to awake some of the ideas which had been silently sleeping in the back of my mind. Coming to live in Sark was positively life-changing.

First I learned to spin some local fleece, then spurred on by people here, I started creating knitting patterns. The lack of weaving in my life began to niggle. I had borrowed a very old table loom from someone who no longer needed it, but the mechanisms no longer worked well. A weekend weaving course in Somerset 9 years ago where I created a twill sampler convinced me to buy a new loom.

Over these recent years, travels to see other people’s work, looking through the textiles of the V&A collection, chance meetings with other weavers, chatting with creative people of Sark – there are many talented people here - and being surrounded by the Sark scenery and life have all been inspirational.

5 new looms later ….. and participation in a master class weaving design course, many, many ideas have started to flourish – where is the time?


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